Works and lives in Hong Kong

In the travelling time, a man remain the same man, living in the realm of everyday life that
he still needs to eat and drink, walk and rest etc., but due to the change of space and time,
the mode of living is totally not the same as the time at the home place:
working then earn leisure time and work again.

The mode of living is changed although some repetitive pattern of living is still the same.
Let’s say a man travelling alone, there is no more obligation to the family on Sunday,
no more time constrains like “tomorrow is the working day so I have to rest earlier
in order to have a better working performance”, thus, travelling, is not only a break from
work but also a break from the normal work-leisure pattern, any other obligation and time
constrains in everyday life, although it is still in the realm of everyday life but it is
a more explicit kind of leisure time when compare with the normal working-leisure pattern
in our working place and at home.


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