Elise Lai (b.1987) is an artist based in Hong Kong, whose works use painting, 
photography, video, and mixed media to embrace the elements that surround everyday 
life.  Her work seeks to capture the distant intimacy in the banality of routines, 
personal habits, and mundane chores.  She is interested in the residues of everyday 
life, always wondering what remains after these experiences have taken place 
— the emotional and physical changes to the apprehended environment, the residual 
affects, and the sensory attention to the materiality of things that can be suggested 
and evoked. 

She graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with BA in Fine Arts in 2009 
and MFA in 2011. She earned the Ramon Woon Creative Prize in 2009.  
She was invited to be artist-in-residence at Kaus Australis, Rotterdam in 2013. 
Her work is included in the collection by Hong Kong Legislative Council.