Works and lives in Hong Kong

Room 301
Acrylic on canvas

Room 504
Acrylic on canvas



Some leisure, pleasure and treasure.
Hand bind book, Interviews with 12 persons, Ink jet prints

Most of the travelling guides in book stores are about entertainment or famous tourist
spots. As a traveller, I have a desire to collect and make a travelling guide with some
personally recommended places away home from different people, we can see some
relatively personal and intimate travelling recommendations in this book.

This is a travelling guide of the collective memories from everyone I interviewed, the
conversations between me and each of them were held in a usually comfortable and
causal way like having a dinner, drinking coffee and chatting in a private place.

To hear, share, penetrate and substitute to their experiences in an interesting way to
communicate, as if I was able to grasp a part of their memories as well.

It is a kind of distant intimacy, reachable yet unreachable.


Personal recommendation of interviewees
C-print, wooden frame and acrylic frame


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