Everyday is Monday



I kind of feel myself to the reality is lingering between an attached and detached 
state from time to time. I’m not sure if I am criticizing the everyday living or 
trying very hard to go back to the core of the meaning of living. I'm also not sure 
if Monday is that blue as people say.














6/1/2014 Survival and pay my rent.





20/1/2014 I got this menu from the restaurant downstairs, it brought me to:
Italy, Thailand, Bulgaria, Hokkaido, Hungary, Taiwan, France, Kyoto, Mexico,
Switzerland, New Orleans, Portugal, Boston, Scotland, Satang, Germany, Norway
and Hawaii with its food.





3/2/2014 Reminisce of “the happy feeling,” it looks so blurry and far away 
when I brought it home.



24/2/2014 I received this message from a friend in this morning.





17/3/2014 If it blinds you, may I fill it.





24/3/2014 One the way to work, a glimpse of ‘sakura.’





19/5/2014 On a birthday, he disappeared, re-appears in digital form.